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Our E.S.R Team Sponsorships

 We are Proud Sponsors of:

Ruben De-Silva

We feel very privileged to be in a position to help Athletes get the best out of their chosen sport, from S&C training to recovery to ongoing support.

This young man Ruben De Silva-Smith is no exception, we are proudly sponsoring Ruben in this year's Tri Season and hoping to see him exceed his expectations.

Ruben Competed the Sandringham Olympic Distance in the Open Mens division and at 17 is already showing that he's got what it takes by taking out 6th place.

Royal Bikes Cycling Team

This team of misfits has a lot to prove and they are doing just that. With a few races already under their belt they are well on their way to bigger and better things. Keep an eye on these guy's in future races, we sure will be..

Why Us?

We take your Sport and Recovery very seriously at E.S.R and love that we are in a position to help young up and coming Athletes and fully established Athletes get the most out of their training.