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Novice Powerlifting Event

Hosted by Warrick Eccles - Victoria's 2nd Strongest Man

Warrnambool's first ever novice Powerlifting meet.

Sponsored by: Two Kings Burgers, South West Powerlifting Warrnambool, Jane Dough and Bean Cruizin.

Entry level meet. No pressure. May be attempted by anyone of any skill level or experience in a supportive safe environment.

For those unaware, Powerlifting consists of:

Squat, Bench and Deadlift.

3 attempts may be had at each lift. The heaviest successful lift of the three comprises your 'total' and highest total wins. Given that this is a novice event and the motivation behind it is to encourage people to dip their toes into powerlifting, there will be no winners. Prizes will be distributed care of our sponsors to the lifters who display the most effort.

Single lift option available.

Meet will loosely follow GPC Australian rule book.

$20 entry fee. 100% of which will be donated to Beyond Blue.

Date: Saturday the 11th of January 2020

Start Time: 10.30am

Location: 17 Dickson Street, Warrnambool Vic 3280

To register please click on the button below:


Equipment used:

Squats (walked out. No Monolift)

Eleiko squat stands

Kabuki Squat Bar

Calibrated Eleiko plates


Ekeiko combo rack

Eleiko bar 

Calibrated Eleiko plates


Rogue deadlift bar

Calibrated Eleiko plates

Idris from Puragen will be doing taste testing on the day, so come down and have a look and taste some of the awesome flavours,

Suppliments supplied by ASN.