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Men's S&C Program

6 week - Men's Only Strength & Conditioning Program

Why Regular Exercise for Men is Critical

Strength and conditioning exercises for men revolve around not turning you into a bodybuilder, but rather to increase your strength, energy, and endurance for daily functionality and the prevention of injuries.

As we age, our bodies naturally experience various changes which include a reduction in bone density, lower testosterone production, a decrease in lean muscle mass, and many other changes. It is imperative therefore to get regular exercise via a balanced strength and conditioning program.

Exercise is similar to medications. Without the proper dose of exercise, you receive little benefits for your body, but too much exercise is basically toxic for your body as well. However, the appropriate amount of exercise your body needs produces amazing results.

What Exactly is Strength and Conditioning?

Strength and conditioning exercises are often misconstrued with power lifting and heavy weight training, which are not necessarily related to this at all. You perform these exercises in order to strengthen your muscles, bones, and organs to keep your body’s physical performance in top condition. Strength training is not the only portion of this since plyometrics, core stability, endurance, and agility training are also thrown into the mix. Research has proven that men over the age of 30 benefit greatly from all forms of exercise, therefore it is recommended for anybody that is medically capable of performing physical activities to do so regularly.

Aerobic training used to be the only method used for people who are aging, obese, or recovering from injuries. The thought process was keeping your heart and lungs healthy enable you to live better. One problem with this is that your muscles in the upper body suffer from little usage, and something needs to be done in order for your body as a whole to be healthily maintained.

Compound exercises are the best choice since they target multiple muscle groups instead of just one or two like isolation training. Your core also needs routine training since it keeps your balance in great condition, and is capable of allowing you to train properly and harder. 

Let’s take a look at these exercises and get you started on the right path!

The lifts you will learn include:

🔹Squats Front and back,


🔹Bench press,

🔹Shoulder Press,

🔹Olympic Lifts,

🔹Plyometric Exercises and accessory lifts.

All weights Tailored specifically for you!!

Other components include:








This is a comprehensive program, you will not only gain the correct lifting technique but also gain strength, power, changes to your body composition and most importantly gain confidence with in the gym environment.

✔️6 weeks of 3 x 60min Sessions per week

✔️Only 8 Spots per program available

✔️Starts - Monday 20th of April 2020

$270.00 for Members - Paid in full by the 13th of April

$299.00 for non members - Paid in full by the 13th of April

Deposit: $50.00 to be paid by the 1st of March 2020

Early Bird Special - Pay in full before the 1st of March and only pay $250.00.

Due to the nature of this Program we have limited the attendance size to 8 men only. 

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