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Competitors have 3 runs to reach their maximum weight with 60secs to carry the YOKE as far as possible over the 15m course. The YOKE must start fully behind the start line, and end with the front of the YOKE over the the finish line. An official will call "DOWN" once the YOKE is over the finish line.

The weights listed below are the minimum start weight that a competitor can nominate as their first weight. A competitor can nominate to go higher just not lower that what is given for their weight category, for eg. Under 80kg men can not go lower than 220kg but can go higher if they wish.

The yokes that we will be using are Stand or Submit Super Yokes that weigh 130kg empty

If a competitor cannot reach the full distance at their nominated weight, they must attempt the same weight for their next attempt or withdraw. No penalty will be applied if competitors choose to complete only one or two runs, however if the competitor does not complete ONE FULL DISTANCE run within 60secs, they will receive a zero score.

The YOKE must no drag along the ground, competitors will receive one warning with no penalty, on the second drag, the competitor will receive a 5sec penalty, and if it happens a third time the competitor will be disqualified and receive a zero score for that event.

Yoke must be carried 15m with only 2 drops allowed, the third will be the final distance covered.

If two competitors reach the same weight for the full 15m, the fastest time will be considered the fastest core.