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For the next couple of weeks we will be offering gym booking sessions, this is due to the very strict restrictions that we have been given of only 10 people max in the gym at any given time. We have set up a Booking system that you can access via the link below to book in a time that suits you.

*It is very important that you do this or you will most likely be turned away and we don't want that to happen.

They are all 1 hour time slots and if you can't make it please cancel or reschedule straight away or contact us and we will do it for you.

booking times 24/7

*Please note that we have suspended all of our other services except classes and PT's

Below are some very important rules that we must follow while in the gym:

  1. You must wear a mask in to the gym, but can remove it while working out
  2. Make sure you bring a towel and Drink Bottle
  3. Clean every machine after each use with the sanitizer wipes provided
  4. Check in via the Vic Gov QR Code at the front door
  5. Scan your tag at the front door (The door will be closed so you will need your tag to get in)
  6. Do not under any circumstances let any one else in. Every one must use their own tag to enter the gym.
  7. Do not give your tag to anyone else
  8. If you are not feeling well then please do not come in
  9. Members only - No casuals at this time unless you already had a casual pass prior to our lock down

We know that these are tough, but please do the right thing by us, your fellow members and yourself and we will get through this.