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Conan's Wheel - Mystery Event

Listed weights are in addition to the empty conans wheel weight.

The weight of the conans wheel without additional weight added is roughly 70kg on the outside and 90 kg on the inside.

The track is roughly 2m shorter when running on the inside line

The track will be marked with 12 markers (in the same pattern as a clock), each marker counting towards the score.

Scores will be recorded as (full laps).(markers passed), eg. making 1.5 laps would be scored as 1.6, 3.75 laps would be scored as 3.9, and a nearly full lap as 0.11

The implement must be picked up and held in the crook of the elbow (similar to a zercher squat). The implement must not be held in the hands. The implement may not be held on belts

Competitors have 60 seconds to carry the implement as far as possible over the course.

The implement must be carried a minimum of 3 markers to record a score, with 1 drop allowed, the second drop will be the final distance covered.        


Empty with horns

70.5 outside

90 inside

Adding 20kg to weight adds 20 kg to inside, 10 to outside

Weight to be added (total weight is this plus conans wheel as above)

Men Open 200kg

U105kg 180kg

U90kg 160kg

U80kg 140kg

Masters does the same weight as U/90

Women Open 100kg

U82.5 90kg

U72.5 80kg

U62.5 70kg

Masters does the same weight as U/72.5