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Listed start weights are the equivalent weight in the hand of the bar, eg. a 180kg standard deadlift

The deadlift implement allows for standard grip in front of the body (eg. a standard deadlift grip) or side grip (eg. trap bar deadlift grip)

The height of the bar is TBA

Competetors may use straps (any type, hands must beholding the bar for figure 8 straps), chalk and a single belt (or neoprene under-belt, under a standard belt). Suits and tacky are not allowed.

Competitors must perform their first deadlift at the listed start weight. One a full rep has been completed, the bar must be returned to the ground under control of the competitor

Once the bar is on the ground, loaders will add weight to the bar, and the competitor will perform their net lift and so on.

Competitors will have 2 legitimate attempts at lifting the bar, if the attempt is not successful, the last successful lift will be recorded.

The highest weight lifted will be considered the higher core.