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Athlete Monitoring

Athlete Monitoring

  • Suitable for all sporting Clubs and Individual Athletes

At Momentum Fitness Warrnambool we take Sporting Clubs and individual Athletes well fare very seriously and want to be a part of helping Warrnambool produce Athletes that could rival the best in the world. This also includes sporting clubs of all sort from AFL/Netball, Hockey, Runners/Sprinters and Triathletes just to name a few, the list goes on.

By monitoring how an Athlete/Sporting person is feeling/coping in their day to day life, will play a massive part in how they will perform in their chosen activity. From tracking sleep patterns and diet to how they are feeling mentally. With Athlete Monitoring we can do all of this and more.....

Don't you want to get the best out or your players or yourself. If so then contact us for more info

A Key Injury Prevention Tool

Sports science has shown that injuries occur more often when athletes train too hard or compete in a state of fatigue and that self-reported wellness questionnaire can be a reliable and accurate method to identify athletes’ readiness to train, and to measure the impact of non-sport stressors on the recovery process.

As such, self-reported wellness feedback can be analysed and interpreted into reliable predictors of risk, and poor wellness scores indicate potential psychological issues or physical under-recovery.

Maximize Readiness

Wellness monitoring helps coaches know how each athlete is responding to workload, so they can easily:

  • Adjust daily loads proactively
  • Prevent injuries and overtraining
  • Streamline injury recovery
  • Detect and respond to issues quickly

Track what matters

Streamline wellness monitoring and track all crucial factors.

  • Sleep
  • Stress
  • Fatigue
  • Mood
  • Soreness
  • Heart rate variability
  • Neuromuscular recovery tests
  • And much more

Rely on hard data 

The ability to quantify and evaluate individual & team progression towards performance goals is an integral part of any performance program.

Monitoring key fitness, strength, conditioning and performance metrics provides objective feedback that can be used to drive improvement, detect issues and increase success.

Keep a pulse on things

Wellness Monitoring: Detect recovery issues, prevent excessive fatigue, and mitigate the impact of non-sport stressors on the athlete body and mind.

Workload Management: Keep athletes fit, healthy, and ready to win.

Testing and Evaluation: Manage all your testing and evaluation data like never before.

File and Media Sharing: Manage all your testing and evaluation data like never before.

Online Questionnaire Tool: Create, publish and collect online questionnaires in seconds.

Injury Tracking & Electronic Medical Records: Streamline return to play, athlete health management and electronic record keeping

Workout Builder: Build, share and track workouts

Monitor what matters: Optimize key aspects of athlete preparation and keep them fit, healthy, happy and ready to win.

Injury Surveillance: Use the best injury surveillance system available today and get a truly accurate picture of your athletes’ health, illnesses and injuries

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